Thursday, June 11, 2009

Steps To Be Taken In Personal Injury Accident Claim in Essex

Personal injury accident can occur at any time. One can never tell when it will happen. It is important that you take necessary steps to ensure that you receive Personal injury accident claim. These steps will increase the chances of winning what you deserve from whoever is liable. The steps should be taken soon after the accident to make sure that they become effective evidences. The suit should be filed only after working out the below said steps.

Steps to claiming personal accident compensation
There are many steps that should be followed in order when you are planning to make Personal injury accident claim in Essex. The steps vary in different cities due to the difference in laws regarding Personal injury accidents. If you are planning to file the suit in Essex, follow these steps:
• Report the accident to the person responsible for the injury.
• Get the contact information of the witnesses including mailing address and phone numbers.
• If the accident was caused due to badly set up environment such as a wet surface in a store, try getting snap shots of the location where the accident took place.
• If the injury is serious and you are not able to perform the above steps, get your lawyer to do them.
• Get yourself examined by a physician to estimate of the injury incurred and get a medical certificate regarding it.
• Get the hospital bills that you paid for treatment of the injury.
• Stop arguing with the defendant after the Personal injury accident took place. The things that you said out of anger may be used against you in court.

Things to do after collecting evidence
Collecting evidence and preparing them is just half the battle. There are many more things that need to be done. The following are a few of them.
• Think of other evidences that you can gather and keep all the evidences that you have collected in a single file.
• Find a good lawyer who specializes in Personal injury accidents if you do not have one already.
• Hand over the evidences to the lawyer.
• Plan the things out with your lawyer based on the evidences available before you file the suit. Try to find loop holes in the law that might help the defendant and try to find a solution for it.
• Abide the instructions given by the lawyer strictly.
• File the suit in a court that has the record of being plaintiff friendly.
• Present before the court an estimate of the amount that you had to spend on the basis of the Personal injury accident that affected you.
• Also check for any existing complaints against the defendant in the field of Personal injury accidents. This can turn out to be the thing that will enable you to make Personal injury accident claim.

These steps if followed with enough care will leave the jury with no other option rather than ordering the defendant to pay up for the damages that affected you. Ample evidence will also ensure that the trial proceeds smoothly and the verdict is delivered in a short period of time. Submitting the estimate of the expenses that you had to bear will help you whatever you had to spend in relation to the Personal injury accident.

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